Our Coaches

Senior Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Don MacIntyre 

Offensive Co-ordinator: Gary Culleton

Defensive Co-ordinator: Craig Barnes 

Special Teams Co-ordinator: Norman Bradford 

Offensive Line: Gary Culleton & Russell Begbie 

Running Backs: Simon Smith 

Quarterbacks & Wide Receivers: Will Sparke 

Defensive Line: Lawrence LaMontagne 

Linebackers: Rob Cardy 

Defensive Backs: Hollie Whiting 

Women’s Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Jordan Legge

Offensive Co-ordinator: Jacques Vitry 

Defensive Co-ordinator: Kayode Sampson-Ide

Offensive Line: Scott Banks

Quarterbacks: Jacques Vitry

Defensive Line: Andy Dickins

Linebackers: Patrick Callisto

Defensive Backs: Calvin Chan

U19 Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Will Sparke 

Offensive Co-ordinator: Will Sparke 

Defensive Co-ordinator: Max Duffin 

Special Teams Co-ordinator: Norman Bradford & Rich Moult 

Offensive Line: Will Sparke 

Running Backs: Matthew Lake 

Wide Receivers: Larry Sellick & Rich Moult 

Tight Ends: Phil MacGovern 

Quarterbacks: Conor Baron 

Defensive Line: Craig Barnes 

Linebackers: Josh Kent and James Jackson

Defensive Backs: Max Duffin 

U16 Coaching Staff

Head Coach: James Drake

Offensive Co-ordinator: Des Williamson

Defensive Co-ordinator: Max Duffin

Quarterbacks: Des Williamson

Running Backs and Wide Receivers: Conor Baron 

Defensive Line: James Drake 

Linebackers: Josh Kent 

Flag Coaching Staff

Under 17 & Under 14 Head Coach: Cliff Moles 

Under 14 Head Coach: Vince Adams 

Assistant Coach: Ben Moss 

Assistant Coach: Gemma Halford